Love Happens in the Small Moments... 40 years of research on what makes people successful in love comes down to this: Turning Toward Vs. Turning Away Your Partner!

Every day is a new opportunity to show your partner how much you love them and how important they are to you.

Love is a verb, not a feeling, so DOING things to express your love in tangible ways. Here are some ideas that can serve as a guide:

1. Kiss on the lips every day, when you wake up, when you meet, when you say goodbye and for no reason other than you love them.

2. Walk holding hands regardless of whether you are starting the relationship or if you have years together. It is a healthy daily habit and physical touch is a powerful love language.

3. Call your partner for no reason just to tell them how much you appreciate them and express "what you most value" about them.

4. Send text messages expressing your fondness and admiration for them. What are the things you most like about who they are and what they mean to you. "Love" emojis work great too!

5. Take time every day for "face time" - go for a walk together, sit facing each other and have a conversation - give your partner moments of undivided attention where your only focus is on them (no smart phones!).

6. Surprise your partner with their favorite food anytime and share a meal together.

Love happens in the small moments: How are you demonstrating your love each day? What habits are you cultivating that help you build a solid relationship?

5 Steps to Creating a SoulMate: Soulmates are created not found. The journey begins by being intentional about what you want.

Start by visualizing what you want, make a detailed list of what you would love to see in your soul mate or in that ideal person.

Make a list of what you would NOT like to see in that person that will be your NOT negotiable !!

Then act, yes act! It is not about trying one person and another, or just leave in your imagination what you expect, no, is to commit to generate actions that help you find that person who has the qualities, not only physical, in character and emotional, that go hand in hand with your values ​​and desires. Start by being that ideal person, develop your spirit, evolve, let go of the thoughts and people that do not bring you in life and first make the ideal partner for yourself!

Share, interact with people who have the same life projection, responsible, diligent, enterprising people, with goals, with life plans, with dreams and who act, who know where they are going and what they want for their life.

On the way to surround yourself with people like you want to be and that way you can find the right person to connect with what you visualize for yourself

Soulmates have no hidden secrets between them. Just looking at their eyes, it's like looking at an open book.

Soulmates cannot hide anything, from the beginning of the relationship, there is a connection and energy that drives them to be always aligned with that person.

Secrets? They are never necessary. They know everything about each other without judgment.. _ Their greatest need is to be like a crystal so transparent that it can be seen on both sides in a clear way.

In the moment that you know your soul mate, you will never feel distance between him/her, and you will feel like you know them for a lifetime by the sincerity between both

We attract to our lives what we believe, and we are constantly trying to prove ourselves that those beliefs are laws that are always fulfilled.

Now I ask you. If they are laws, Why are there people who live different realities? Could it be that they are better or worse than us? The answer is that our thoughts are linked to our beliefs and how we think and imagine could happen is what we will attract to our lives.

_ In the same way we attract our partner if we have limiting beliefs such as:

No one is going to take me seriously

At my age it is very difficult find someone for me.

Love was not made for me.

All guys/girls are the same, cut by the same scissors, etc…

That is what we are going to attract into our lives!!.... More of the same

What if we start to change those thoughts in a positive way ... our reality will change when we focus on what we want to see manifested in our lives. How does this sound as an alternative to limiting beliefs?:

I feel happy with myself, I enjoy my company and I want to share my happiness with my soul mate

I am authentic, honest with myself and others, that makes me more attractive to the opposite sex. I am ready to have a relationship with purpose.

I am growing as a person and I am attracting people who are aligned with my purposes and values.

My soulmate is waiting for me.

Today I’m being the best version of myself you will have what you think you deserve: then you must ask yourself... Am I attracting healthy love to my life with my thoughts?