How Can Relationship Coaching Help?

What do elite athletes, Olympians and extremely successful senior executives of large companies all have in common?  
They ALL use coaching to help them achieve the following:


Because they know the secret of what all highly successful people do to achieve consistent results – they leverage experts with knowledge, unique experiences, decades of getting to solutions and results who can give you IMMEDIATE access to the tools, strategies, mindset and skills you need to take your life and relationship to where you want it to be.

Soul-Mates For Life Coaching Programs give you THE SAME access that high performers have to design a relationship of your choosing.   Regardless of whether or not you are facing serious relationship problems or are committed to having the deep connection, resonance and life alignment with a partner of your dreams – a Soul-Mate For Life, we have tried and tested coaching programs for you as an individual and/or as a couple to rapidly produce the changes you are committed to creating in your life.

Relationship Coaching with Liseth

Liseth is a seasoned life and relationship coach to professional women globally who seek her counsel and advice on how to prepare for new love, select the right partner and become a woman who inspires and evokes the unique dance of masculine and feminine energies in Soul-Mate relationships.

Her unique talent is to work one: one with woman to draw out of them their “best self” and nurture that part of them to full expression in their relationships and all aspects of life.  Guided by the belief that each person’s life is a gift and all of us deserve true happiness, Liseth distills a lifetime of practical wisdom lessons into her transformational work where she guides you on a path of discovery to create a relationship of your dreams – Soul-Mates For Life. 

Free Breakthrough Discovery Session

A great way to learn about coaching is to experience it firsthand. During your Breakthrough Session, Liseth will quickly assess your concerns, goals and desired outcomes immediately setting the stage for the transformation you seek. Then, you will identify several specific breakthrough strategies, ideas and options to apply right away to your relationship and define a potential roadmap for future work if you elect to pursue a Relationship Coaching Program designed to get you to that transformation.

Most of the coaching can be done via a virtual platform (Skype/Zoom) and/or by phone. No driving or waiting outside an office. Book this session throught WhatsApp at +1-786-486-3490

“Soul Mates For Life” 90-Day Coaching Program

One of the most confusing and painful places to be in a relationship is confused, uncertain if you are with the right partner or not. It’s actually very common but not well understood and the path to clarity and owning your truth IS AVAILABLE to anyone willing to do the work to discover it.

Let’s face it – life is too short to waste time “trying to get people to change” or have your “diamond in the rough” start shining so you can be happy and fulfilled in love and relationship is not the way to go.

And, the last you thing you want to do is help a “boy” grow up into a man that becomes another project on the To-Do list, or worse, another child to raise.
No! The time for YOU and your happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment is NOW but it will take a commitment to doing YOUR OWN WORK to discover what’s really important to you, what you really want and need and what the truth is about the relationship patterns you have been in and/or the truth about the relationship you are in today.
Everything you have in your life is a result of the choices you have made that produce the state you have. What you have is exactly as you have designed it to be. The Soul-Mates For Life Coaching Program is a structured, step-wise self-discovery process designed to help you ask and answer the most important questions you can about the relationship you will have or the one you are in currently.

Arguably, the most important aspect of designing an excellent relationship is choosing an “ideal” partner in the first place. For most of you, that choice has already been made and you want to continue making that choice, not out of obligation, but from fulfillment: The Soul-Mates For Life Coaching

Program will coach you on the clarity you must have and the truths you need to speak to make that choice for a lifetime.

For others, you are at a pivotal crossroads. You are re-evaluating a partner choice and enduring the excruciating pain of weighing the seemingly irreconcilable pros and cons of “do I stay or do I go”. Although a normal phase in many relationships it is a personal agony that asking the tough questions will assist you to have a breakthrough in owning and speaking your truth. If that’s you, this program will coach you on the clarity you must have and the truth you need to speak to make that choice.

To tell the truth about a core incompatibility and choose how you will deal with that, or tell the truth about the changes that you and your partner must make to design a relationship of your choosing that meets both of your needs and honors who you each are to have a fulfilling partnership - THAT is what it takes to have an outstanding relationship.

To tell the truth about a core incompatibility and choose how you will deal with that, or tell the truth about the changes that you and your partner must make to design a relationship of your choosing that meets both of your needs and honors who you each are to have a fulfilling partnership - THAT is what it takes to have an outstanding relationship.

This is who I am…
This is who I choose to be in our relationship…
This is what I stand for regardless of what currently IS…
This is what I am asking for from you…

Is It Really Possible to Have it All?
But, what about those annoying questions?
Is it really possible to design a relationship of your dreams?  What about the problems I’ve had in past relationships?  What about the issues we currently have in our relationship?  I’m not the same person I was when we married – we want different things from life…  I didn’t marry my “soul-mate” and think I found them – what do I do?
This unique coaching program will support you to find your truth and own your voice to DESIGN a relationship of your choosing: The goal being to make a decision to invest in transforming your relationship into something that it MUST become because it means enough to you that you will do whatever it takes to make that happen or decide to accept what is not and move on with grace and dignity.

“Awakening Your Inner Goddess - 90 Day Coaching Program

Soul-Mates are created, not found. But, “how” do you create the conditions in your most important relationship for Soul-Mating to happen? The beginning of having a Soul Mate is to have a powerful relationship with yourself and discovering your own inner strength, wisdom and personal power - Are you ready to embrace your Inner Goddess?
Here are some pretty shocking stats…
Did you know that 67% of women are not happy with their lives? That’s two out of every three women! Are you one of them?

Want to begin loving and accepting the woman you see in the mirror?

What if you embraced your Inner Goddess and fell in love with your life?

Want to get your mojo back?

Want to begin healing:

• Anxiety?
• Depression or despondency?
• Loneliness?
• Disconnection from your true purpose?
• Loss of joy?
• Low self-esteem?
• Lack of self-love/self-acceptance?
• Very little time for self-care?
• Trouble sleeping?
• An inner critic that never seems to stop judging you or blaming you for the way things are?

Are you ready for a transformation? Are you at a point in your life when you want and NEED your life to shift for the better?

We are all an integral piece of a larger created order and we should treat ourselves as such. But so often we forget this. We get caught up in our to-do lists, in being the perfect wife, mother, business owner, professional [insert appropriate role]. And then one day we look in the mirror and think, “What happened? To my life? To my dreams? To me?”

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

There’s a different path you can choose. A path that is kinder. More loving. More healing. One that allows you to love yourself as the Goddess you are.

Join me in this immersion coaching program and learn “how to” Awaken Your Inner Goddess!

What does it mean to Awaken Your Inner Goddess?

• Self-empowerment
• Self-love
• Self-determination and choice
• Self-acceptance
• Self-respect
• Self-care.
• Total clarity about who you are, what you have to contribute, what you deserve, what you need and expect and what you demand to have in love and loving
• Loving the woman you see in the mirror and treating her like the Goddess she is

The Awaken Your Inner Goddess program will help you do just that. Specifically, you’ll learn to love yourself and treat yourself as the Goddess you are – and demand no less from everyone else. In doing so, you bring a new presence into your relationship that inspires, intrigues and evokes the deep masculine in your partner setting the stage for Soul-Mating to happen.

This is a program where you learn to create your life (rather than merely allowing it to happen for you). And we’ll be working at all levels, too, as you integrate the changes you are making physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You will be equipped with the skills, tools, strategies, and techniques to Awaken Your Inner Goddess and bring her to life for yourself first, and the partner you love.

Work with Dr. Jay & Liseth

We all want to have a relationship that is both satisfying (fun, exciting, joyful) AND fulfills us (shared dreams, common vision, and values).  But how to you get there?  Where do you begin in this complex territory?  What are the most important things to focus on and in what order?  

We believe that Soul Mates Are Created, Not Found
!  What that means is that with the right tools and a clear map of your relationship territory, IT IS POSSIBLE to design a culture that supports both partners being deeply understood, accepted and loved in ways that are important for you to be happy and fulfilled.

Couples armed with new tools, distinctions, strategies and mind-sets are couples who are empowered to DO what it takes and BE who they need to become to set the conditions for Soul-Mating to happen.

No matter what is happening (or has already happened) in your relationship and whether or not your partner cooperates with the improvement plan for a better relationship, a deeply fulfilling relationship IS AVAILABLE to anyone committed to looking honestly at what’s going on in their relationship.

Dr. Jay and Liseth bring decades of real-world experience supporting couples to transform their lives and intimate relationships.  In addition to their award winning program, Soul-Mates For Life:  Secrets of Relationship Mastery they work with a very small and selective group of couples in an intimate one:one relationship coaching process they carefully designed from years of intense training and work with couples globally.  Today, for a limited time and offering, YOU can benefit from their unique approach to relationship coaching.  

There are two ways to work with Dr. Jay & Liseth to learn how to design the relationship of your dreams:

Relationship Wellness Assessment

Based on over four decades of clinical research with couples the Gottman Relationship Assessment takes all the guess work out of what’s happening in the relationship and where are the most important opportunities for a couple to work on.

Using a science-based methodology and guided by seasoned experience with diverse couples and unique situations, Dr. Jay and Liseth guide you through a 2.5 hour discovery process that “maps” your entire relationship and pinpoints the EXACT focus areas most important to address problems, concerns and opportunities to design the love and relationship of your dreams AND begin the journey to becoming Soul-Mates for Life. 

Work with Dr. Jay

Dr. Jay Ferraro and his unique ability to integrate high-performance psychology with real-world challenges in the corporate world, professional sports, with entrepreneurs, business owners, and relationships are sought after by the most successful people worldwide. 

If you are interested in finding out more about how to benefit from a customized coaching program with Dr. Jay please contact our office at 1-786-486-3490 and speak with one of our team members to find out more.